Hello Guys, Jamie Here..

I create website ranging from all types of styles and products. I also develop Android Applications and i am willing to develop apple applications. I also can develop flash related projects within the flash develop AS3 code. I also deal with PHP server-side scripts for security and can implement a security algrithim into your data that gets processed online on a day to day basis to keep your users safe and secure.

About Me

I am a freelance coder working a fulltime job 8 till 4, I can code within the hours that i dont work. I wish to develop my skills further so i will tackle any project you have in mind. A good idea can lead to great financial growth and a be your own boss expecially when trading on the world wide web. I have developed my own project called HDrone.Pro and all scripts have been coded by myself including the HDrone.Pro Android Application.

If you wish to get in touch, you can contact me here


HDrone.Pro & Application - (Drone Related Website) Check It Out!

Ausdo - (Online Multiplayer Game [DISCONTINUED] * Coded In AS3) Check It Out!

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